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The dedicated efforts of many volunteers made this guide possible. Thousands of volunteer hours have gone into its making. We cannot thank these people enough, except perhaps by being an active steward of the wiki they created and its evolving contents.

Core Writing Team Other Contributors
Chuck Walrad, Founding Editor in Chief

Brenda Byers
Jan Clayton, Development Editor
Susan Earley
Leslie Guth
Deborah Henderson

Jorge Murillo

Richard Baker
Declan Brady
Kevin Brennan
Jutta Breyer
Mike Davis
J. J. Ekstrom
Len Fehskens
Kate Guillemette
Eiji Hayashiguchi
Eric Hibbard
Jeff Holmes
Peter Leather
Maureen McVey
Ken Nidiffer
Conor O'Brien
Chris Prince
Yoko Tahara
Clare Thornley

Bill Ulrich

The contributions of Susan Earley and Deborah Henderson deserve special acknowledgement; the experience they brought from creating the DAMA-DMBOK helped the EITBOK writing team structure their writing work as well as the contents of the wiki.